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5 Signs its Time to Talk to Your Kids about Personal Finance

You wouldn’t talk to a toddler about personal finance any more than you’d discuss the fine points of anatomy or religion, for example. And yet, there will come a point when you need to sit your kids down and give them instructions on how to properly manage money. Its funny how many parents are willing to have important conversations with their kids pertaining to relationships and drug use, but they don’t find it relevant to discuss the ins and outs of budgeting, investing, and planning for a financial future.

Tax Filing: Online and Paper

There are two ways of filing your taxes - electronic and traditional paper filing. While electronic mode might be a brand new concept, you must have experience in paper filing of tax return. Paper filing is an elaborated procedure. Moreover the formalities are much complex as well. You need to mention your name and social security number at the top of every page. You need to check the calculations more than once. This is the most problematic area where you can make mistakes. One error can delay the whole process and there is always a worry about deadline in this matter.

Things you need to know about contractor mortgages

The term 'contractor mortgage' is a phrase that often recalls memories of stress and untold pressure for many people - and for good reason. It is widely known that applying for any mortgage, regardless of whether it is a mortgage for a contractor or a general option, puts heaps of pressure on a person and takes plenty of time and patience to get sorted. In terms of contractor mortgages however, the stress and frustration can reach boiling point, which is why you need to follow some basic guidelines and tips if you want to get anywhere fast.

What is whole life insurance?

If you are a little confused by some of the terminology surrounding whole life insurance and life cover in general, you may find the following to be of use. Whole life insurance : It is a form of cover that will pay out in the event of your death - at whatever age that may be (some policies may have upper age limits of 90 or 95 years etc).

Finding the best landlord insurance quote

Landlord insurance may be very important to anyone who has a property which they let out, however, finding the best landlord’s insurance quote can be something else.  When it comes to insurance policies it is often wrongly assumed that all companies offer the same cover, so some people may feel that the best option is to look for the best price.  This assumption is often not correct.