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Business insurance claims - the three things you need

Everyone who buys a business insurance policy hopes that they will never have to use it. But, if that situation does arise, they want three things. Firstly, they want to know that they have the right policy cover in place. Secondly, they want to make sure that they get good support during the claims process and thirdly, that the insurance company behind them have a good reputation for paying claims.

Coping with an emergency

If the appalling footage of riots on the streets of England has taught the UK's businesses anything, it's that there ought to be robust emergency plans in place to cover any eventuality. The unprecedented violence has caused millions of pounds' worth of damage, according to insurers and you can guarantee, sadly, that a fair few of those impacted won't have had the necessary precautions or cover in place to deal with the fall out.

Getting the right travel insurance

Buying travel insurance seems easy. Pick one that boasts big numbers for your cover and you're sorted...right?! Wrong! Travel insurance needs a whole lot more thought than that and if you don't give it the focus it needs, you'll really be sorry if you find yourself needing to make a claim.

Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Should Outsource Payroll Tax and Compliance to a Payroll Service

There are a lot of payroll service providers out there that provide services, some that do not provide all of them, and even some that provide services that the others provide. Clearly though, after considering the myriad of services that payroll service providers provide to companies, it is easy to say that they definitely have their place in the business world.