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The Budget Deficits and Municipal Bankruptcies

The financial markets today no longer look safe for investing in municipal bonds. With the present U.S. economy assailed with a growth in municipal bankruptcies, the problems that continue to plague America are forever on the rise. Budget deficits should be controlled by the local governments. In addition, further spats with creditors have to be avoided and so there is need for the deficit cuts by the municipalities. When the local government takes the regular steps in order to survive, the municipal bond investors and their invested amount of the tune of $3.7-trillion will be very much affected. The municipal bond defaulters are the cities in California; viz. Vallejo, Mammoth Lakes, Stockton, and San Bernardino. Compton is the next most likely town to follow suit; the reason being that all theses towns are facing the problem of big budget deficits.

Consider the Alternatives You have before You Choose Equity Release

Before you choose any particular scheme to release the equity from your home, it is necessary to consider whether you have other solutions to meet your financial requirements. The objective of equity release mortgage schemes is to offer homeowners the opportunity to unlock the value in your property to obtain a certain amount of money. Different circumstances may make it necessary to obtain money from the equity release schemes. You may need the money to pay for your son’s education or for your spouse’s medical costs. You may also need it to lead a comfortable retired life. However, this is often not the only solution available for your financial troubles.

Overview of the Indian Tax System

The Indian tax system can be very complex, but for a clearer understanding, we can break it down into simple elements that make up one’s personal income: a) Salary from an Employer. b) Rental (house property) income

Apartment Sales Up, Home Loans Still Down

As consumer demand for homes declines it appears that business is fueling the economy, as lending in the business sector has increased to three-year highs. Despite lowering interest rates consumers have remained conservative and focused on reducing household debt while the business sector takes over the reins of the economy. Home loans rose by just 0.2% during the month of June, which brings the annual average down to just 4.9%, its lowest level in the last 22 years.