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Small Loans Show Growth Potential

For those of us who have been around for a few years, it’s pretty clear that banking is one industry that has been through some significant changes, especially when it comes to personal loan applications. Gone are the days when you would approach the bank manager directly and plead your case to improve your cash flow situation. These days the bank manager has nothing to do with the final decision and banks are only really interested in a minimum of $5,000 if you want to borrow.

Are Car Loans a Good Idea in the Current Economic Climate?

It’s impossible to provide a blanket answer for the question above because every situation is different and a loan may be a great idea for one person and a potential disaster for another. If you’re thinking of taking a loan out, whether it is to do home improvements, buy a car, move house or take a holiday, or simply just to pay off bills and consolidate some debt, it is definitely worth taking time to mull over your financial situation and weigh up the options.

The countries with the world’s top 5 highest income rates

With the globe still struggling to recover from the worst recession since World War II and elections occurring in Europe and the USA, taxes have once again become a hot topic of conversation as many countries propose further rises. But which countries currently have the highest income tax rates? 5. Japan, Belgium, Austria, UK (tied) The top income tax rate for Japan, Belgium, Austria and the UK is 50%. As the only Asian country in the top 5 highest income tax rates in the world, Japan’s top tier rate of 50% is more than double Asia’s average of 23%. Despite this, its tax revenue is the fifth lowest amongst OECD member countries due to a rocketing national debt crisis.

High Yield Bonds Prove to be a Risky Way to Drive Investments

Return on investments is the most important aspect attracting investors to select any financial instrument. The potential risks attached to high yield bonds are overlooked by most in lieu of the great returns they offer. But a number of risks must be gauged to mitigate risk in the portfolio.

Sign Up For a Medical Malpractice Insurance and Lead a Peaceful Life

Doctors and nurses can be sued in the court by any aggrieved party, on the charges of malpractices. With the help of malpractice insurance these professionals can protect themselves from any sort of harassment. Even an experienced nurse can sometimes go wrong, and if this happens, then they will be liable for a lawsuit. Therefore, all medical practitioners, be it a doctor or nurse needs to get themselves insured under this policy. To begin with, they need to choose a reliable policy.

Health Insurers Profit In Last Financial Year

Over the last 16 years rebates for physiotherapists, dentists and optometrists have dropped by 20% and now cover less than 50% of health costs. Health funds’ profits from ancillary cover, however, increased to $1.1-billion in the last financial year. In 1996, health insurance covered 57% of fees for services like optometry and dentistry but by 2011 the figure had dwindled to 49%. Physio had a 60% rebate in 1996 but has now also dropped to 49%. Insurers also benefitted from $5.15-billion in subsidies from the government and now people over 30 and those considered to be high-earners are being forced into taking healthcare policies out. Despite rebates decreasing, insurers are topping their profits on an annual basis and consumers are being forced to pay more.

Virtual Offices Make Expansion Easy

Virtual office solution providers offer their partner businesses access to prime locations and modern meeting areas, full online business support and live receptionist services that ensure brand continuity, even across different continents, and a consistent level of professionalism. In the past few years, the highly dynamic economic environment has brought virtual office expansion to the fore. It has also highlighted how innovative business solutions that meet the demands of a dynamic market can flourish even in times that are less abundant than previous years. Doing good business is a two-way street and you need to ensure you can find yourself a like-minded match, but there’s a business lesson to be learnt: that there is always business to be had out there.