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Top Five Tips to Save your Business Tax

A company always ensure that it pays the correct but minimum amount of tax possible. Getting a corporate tax return wrong can end in penalties.The entire process of tax return and legislation is complicated. As Benjamin Franklin said “tax is one of the perpetual certainties of life’. None of us are totally unaffected by taxation. How much we earn will be charged to income tax and much of what we buy is subject to VAT. The tax code allows you to subtract costs of doing business from the gross income and whatever is left is the net business profit. Every business should know as how to maximise their deductible business expenses to reduce their taxable profit. Here are some of the key points to save your tax:

The Various Markets to Engage in with Spread Betting

Spread betting is a popular trading method that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years due to its flexibility and the various options provided to the traders. When you are spread betting, it's likely that you already have an account set up with a reliable broker. On this account, your broker will provide you with a wide variety of options for the markets you can trade in.