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Tom Fortino tells you about Finding out who is the best Financial Planner for you

Earning money, saving it, buying a house is all a big effort for you. Wouldn’t you want to ensure that your hard earned money is safe and making your life easier? This is why it is important to choose a good financial planner. It may take time and effort, but then you are talking about trusting somebody with your future plans. What do you want? 

How to Invest in CD with Proper Knowledge?

The best thing about long term CD investment is that the interest rates are high. Short term strategy will attract even smaller interest rates. A Certificate of Deposit (CD) investment has always been a reserve for the wealthy but things are changing. If you are the type of investor who is future oriented, you will want your investment to earn better interest over time. CDs are good for long term investments and the risks are negligible. In order to ascertain whether or not CD is right for your investment portfolio, you need to look at two distinct factors: