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Australians Getting Larger Mortgages at a Fixed Rate

Image via gettyimages The global economic crisis that began in 2008 has had a big impact on the real estate market in Australia. A recovering economy caused mortgage interest rates to drop after an initial period of tight lending regulations. More Australians were apt to choose variable rates as interest fell, but the trends in borrowing have started to change. More Australians Opt for Fixed Rates Why are Australians more likely to opt for fixed rates when they apply for a mortgage? Rates were steadily dropping, but it now appears that the historically-low rates that are being offered to home buyers are starting to level out. This means that more people are hoping to lock in the lowest rates possible by opting for a fixed rate.

How to get Quick Money during an Emergency Situation?

Image via We do not have ready cash at our hands all the time. In the financial conditions of the modern world, savings are next to impossible. Fuel costs are on the rise, groceries are becoming expensive with every passing day, and utility bills are soaring too. With your bank balance not being enough, how do you expect to fix an emergency that requires a big amount of money immediately? What will you do if you do not have enough time to wait until your next wage comes in? In this post, we will take a look at a few ways that can land you with some quick money and help you tackle a critical emergency situation with ease.