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What are the different types of intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) is generally classified into two categories: intangible and tangible. Intangible IP includes copyright, patents, and trade secrets. Tangible IP comprises all other forms of IP, such as land and buildings. As the name suggests the main difference between intangible and tangible IP is that intangible IP is intangible and cannot be seen and tangible IP is tangible and can be seen. One example of intangible IP is copyright which is any form of creative expression that has been created by individuals. This includes novels, music, movie scripts, and more. Copyright protects against reproduction, sale, or any other uses that would create profits for someone other than the original creator. The Different Types of Intellectual Property The Basics of Intellectual Property Intellectual property is a term used to refer to several different types of intangible property used in connection with creative or artistic endeavors. It is generally used to refer to both patents an