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Aug 15, 2013

What is Ghost Payrolling and How to avoid it?

Ghost employee fraud occurs when a company pays wages for a person who does not actually work for that company. That employee is a ‘ghost’ in the system. Many times the easiest way to complete the scheme is for payroll to be centralized with too many locations for every employee to be known by management or accounting personnel. Simply add personnel information to the system and wages are paid out to an employee who does not actually exist. This can cost a company millions unless routine and simple safeguards are implemented.

Apr 13, 2012

The Ins and Outs of Payroll

If you're a new business leader or an entrepreneur ready to launch your first venture, you've got a lot on your plate. You have to keep your overall business mission in mind while fine-tuning operational details. You probably lay awake at night thinking about your business. You dream of the success you'll have and everything you'll do with the big bucks you're about to rake in.

You probably have nightmares too. They may be about handling difficult employees or managing the daunting process of payroll. You don't want to be afraid of payroll. You know that it's an integral part of your business. Making sure that your payroll is done correctly and on time will win the confidence of your employees. It will boost your entrepreneurial self-esteem. Of course, it will also keep you out of costly legal trouble.

Sep 3, 2011

Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Should Outsource Payroll Tax and Compliance to a Payroll Service

There are a lot of payroll service providers out there that provide services, some that do not provide all of them and even some that provide services that the others provide. Clearly though, after considering the myriad of services that payroll service providers provide to companies, it is easy to say that they definitely have their place in the business world.